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Support Rebuilding Ukraine

On February 24th, 2022 Russia invaded the major cities of Ukraine. With the brutality of the war on Ukraine, many families have been left without a home. 8 million people have fled Ukraine for safety and over a million do not have a home to return to. Our current priority is to help with shelter and aid throughout this war. After the war we plan on helping with the rebuilding of Ukraine. Lucy is from Ukraine and working as a mechanical engineering in building design in Canada. She will be using her engineering skills and contacts within the engineering and architectural fields to provide Ukrainian families with well build and cost effective homes. She has been working on energy efficient systems and net zero buildings. We hope to implement similar projects within Ukraine. This will benefit the environment and help Ukraine become more sustainable through reduced energy costs and the reliance on electricity and gas supplies. We hope to be able to work with Ukraine and our partners to provide geothermal fields, solar planes, and heat recovery through ventilation. We will provide more details for the implementation of these systems as we start rebuilding, but for now we are in need of funding because these projects will require a great deal of financial help. Please help Ukrainian families have a house to come back to after the war.

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