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Animal Aid and Support

Throughout this year of war on Ukraine, there have been many casualties and traumas, which include the animals that are suffering. 8 million Ukrainians had to flee their homes and they often made extraordinary efforts to bring their beloved pets with them. Unfortunately many others had no choice based on their location and resources and had to abandon their pets. It is estimated that a million dogs and cats in Ukraine have become strays as owners have abandoned them when fleeing the country. This worsened, as some of the animals were not sterilized and started to multiply quickly. Ukrainian people and vets are working hard to take care of as many animals as possible but more medicine and food is urgently needed. On top of our regular humanitarian aid missions to help the people of Ukraine, we also do trips to animal shelters and deliver medication, food, and pet vitamins to help the animal survive this war. Many Ukrainian families took in extra pets but they don’t have the resources to keep them so we try to go to as many individuals as possible and support them and their pets. If you have a pet you love and want to help another family save theirs, please consider supporting our missions.

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