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Providing Emergency Shelter and Support  to Ukrainian Families  


Take action to help Ukraine

Our Mission

The Hope Foundation was founded by experienced professionals in the fields of management and engineering who have a passion for helping those in need. Our current priority is to help the people of Ukraine who are suffering from a brutal war. We provide shelter, transportation, food, clothing, and medical aid for those fleeing the war. We also send humanitarian aid and animal support directly into Ukraine. The Hope Foundation has been supporting Ukraine from the start of this war and will continue to provide aid and support in the rebuilding of Ukraine after the war.

Our Work

Provide a safe shelter near the Polish-Ukrainian border for temporary housing for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. ​​​​

Coordinate more permanent housing for the families staying at our shelter and help them with transportation.

Send humanitarian aid directly into Ukraine for those families that cannot leave but need support.

Deliver food and aid to Ukrainian animal shelters and individual families needing extra care for their pets.

Our future work includes providing materials and assistance in the design and rebuilding of the destroyed homes in Ukraine.


Hope Shelter

Our Hope Shelter is a safe, warm, and clean space for families to rest and recover after escaping the fighting in their home country. We provide healthy groceries and meals. Guests have the option to cook what they like or to enjoy pre-cooked meals, depending on their own comfort. We have 102 clean beds and mattresses, so no one has to sleep on the floor, which is sometimes the only option in some shelters. The kids have a play area filled with toys. We even have several computers so that the children can continue their online education. This shelter is essential for the wellbeing of hundreds of refugees. It has been a year since the war started and funding is running out. Shelters are closing or severely reducing their capacity. If our shelter closes, refugee families could be left in danger sleeping on the streets. Even a small donation makes a significant life-changing impact for these families. Please consider donating to help give hope and shelter to Ukrainian families in their time of need.

Transportation and Accommodation

The Hope Shelter is temporary emergency accommodation. We coordinate with other organizations throughout Europe to find more permanent housing solutions for refugees. Housing availability has drastically reduced but we still work hard to place families in good homes and help them with transportation options across Europe. 

Humanitarian Aid Convoys

We were on the ground delivering humanitarian aid directly into Ukraine from the first week of war in February 2022. It has now been a year of war and we continue to support Ukraine in every way we can with the limited resources we have available. Our drivers risk their own safety every time they enter Ukraine. They do so with pride knowing that a few more people will stay warm, fed, and have the medication they need to survive this horrifying war. We have also received donations of large generators that we personally delivered to healthcare facilities in Ukraine to provide backup power. We have a strong team of volunteers both in Poland and in Ukraine. On our trips through Ukraine, we find out what is most needed and make sure to get that aid delivered on the next trip. We are still receiving clothing and food donations, but we are running severely low on funding for the aid delivery trips. We are always in need of more financial support to pay for gas and vehicle maintenance for trips into and out of Ukraine.

Animal Aid and Support

One of our initiatives is to help bring aid to animal shelters and pet owners throughout Ukraine. We are now able to continue on a larger scale thanks to our partnership with the online pet store ZooArt. So many animals were abandoned and many were injured in the bombing. They need extra care and help now more than ever.


Support Rebuilding Ukraine

On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded the major cities of Ukraine. They have continued killing and injuring thousands of innocent civilians. Several hundred children have been killed already. We cannot bring back those who have been killed and losing a loved one is truly the greatest loss there is. We will do everything we can to rebuild the damaged homes and communities. Over a million families have lost their homes since the start of this war and it is only getting worse. Ukraine requires continuing support through this war and years after to recover from this horror. 

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